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Pretty Guestbook
What is it

Make your website more interactive, use a guestbook that allows people to leave a trace of their passage on your website! Pretty Guestbook is a guestbook made in PHP with many features and is highly customizable thanks to the themes and icon sets!


These are the main features of Pretty Guestbook:

  • The guestbook doesn't use database, uses text files
  • It needs to be installed in a server with PHP support
  • Messages pagination
  • Captcha control anti-spam
  • Cancellation of undesired messages
  • Admin Panel
  • Customize the language of guestbook
  • Customize the colors of guestbook with themes
  • Customize the icons of guestbook
  • Insert smiles on guestbook
  • Guestbook is free to download

Demo and Download

Demo Download


Form to insert messages
Form to insert messages

Meaning of guestbook icons
Meaning of guestbook icons

Admin Panel
Admin Panel


The guestbook can be downloaded for free?
Yes, it is free!

Themes and Icons are free?
Yes, you can download them for free!

What does it mean that the guestbook has been realized with PHP language?
It means that you need an hosting that supports PHP language to use it

This is an help in the download zip?
Yes, there is the README.txt file

What is CAPTCHA control?
It is a sequence of characters that user must type. It prevents spam messages.

The guesbook needs a database?
No, there is not needing.

What are the meanings of the icons in the guestbook?
The first icon is to back to homepage, the second icon is to write a message, the third icon is to enter the admin panel

What username and password I must usae to enter the first time the admin panel?
Username: admin, Password: admin

What is the ID of a message?
It is a unique identifier of each message. You can use it to delete a message for example

Can I change the theme of my guestbook?
Yes, download the zip of the theme in this website, extract the file “colors.dat” and put it in the guestbook folder, overwriting that already exists

Can i change the icons of my guestbook?
Yes, download in this website the zip file containing the icons then extract it into the folder “images” of your guestbook, overwriting those already existing

What informations are required to insert a message?
“Name” and “Message” are required, other are optional

Is it possible to change the title of guestbook?
Yes, you ccan change it creating an image with this name: “title.png” . Then put it into folder “images” overwriting the existing one

Is it possible to change the background of the guestbook?
Yes, you ccan change it creating an image with this name: “background.jpg” . Then put it into folder “images” overwriting the existing one

Can i change the language of guestbook?
Yes, download the language pack in this website. Extract the content of the ZIP (file LANGUAGE.DAT) and put it into the guestbook folder overwriting the existing one

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